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After many years in business development and sales management in the for-profit sector, I recently spent eight years in the leadership of a national non-profit organization serving the needs of 30,000 members in the USA and Canada.

This included three years of volunteer service on the board of directors, and five years as the Director of Marketing on the professional staff.

One of the responsibilities of the position I enjoyed most was teaching classes to business unit leaders on the subjects of marketing, public relations, and strategic planning.  

My personal mission is to unleash the true potential of the people and organizations around me.

I support this mission by helping business owners, leadership teams, or non-profit organizations formulate a plan that incorporates their mission, vision and strategy for growth.

I can provide you with assistance with marketing, public relations, social media marketing, strategic and tactical planning, event planning, email newsletters, merchandising, web development, website maintenance, audio recording of interviews or podcasts, voiceovers, as well as writing and editing.
My work generally begins with a cup of coffee and a discussion between two professionals. No costs are incurred until we come to a mutual agreement of the scope of the work involved.   If you would like to schedule that cup of coffee, please complete the form on the contact page of this website and I'll be in touch to set up a time and place.

Download my brochure by clicking the link.
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